Every change – of location, employment, status, or life cycle – is a moment of instability. It requires an often unconscious mental adaptation to the new situation. The quality and speed of this process can determine the success or failure of the change itself.

And yet, facing change can often trigger mental paralysis. The fear of losing what we already have or the fear of facing the unknown can keep us from realizing our dreams. Luckily all change, whether voluntary or imposed, is an opportunity for personal growth which can lead us forward towards new horizons.

Coaching can help you make the most of your own transitions by providing structure and support, opening up new options and liberating your inherent potential to succeed.

Intercultural Differences: A Source of Potential


Even with an adventuresome spirit we can find ourselves at a loss when moving to an unknown environment. Welcome to culture shock! We are often unconscious of the role our own culture plays in our daily lives, as we are unprepared to incorporate a new culture into our way of getting things done. I propose to accompany you towards a rewarding encounter with this unknown entity to help you discover all the wealth of opportunity that lies within a multicultural experience.

Through professional coaching, I can help you:


1. Use your skills, your values, and your personal motivations to find the right career path for you.

2. Adapt to new positions within your current career.

Coaching brings much needed structure and support to the difficult process of career change and development as you rise to new responsibilities.


When you meet someone their first question is usually, "What do you do?" So what do you do? 

  • How is what you spend the majority of your life doing the expression of who you are?
  • How does it use your uniqueness, your talents? 
  • How is it aligned with your values and expectations? 
  • Do you enjoy what you do? 
  • Does it bring you personal growth and satisfaction? 
  • Do you look forward to getting up in the morning?

If your answer to these questions aren't what you'd like them to be, get in touch and let's have a conversation!


Follow your life's new paths


Use life’s transitions as a turning point towards goals which will bring you more satisfaction and energy, whether it be getting back into the work force, retiring or dealing with empty nest syndrome…

Life: “the force that makes or keeps something alive; the vivifying or quickening principle. Resilience, elasticity…” Webster’s College Dictionary. The very definition of life implies animation, evolution and change; a continual spiral of change.

Understanding and using the process of transition, the mental adaptation to the inevitable changes in our lives, can enhance dramatically the way you live your life and the energy you feel. Coaching can simplify your experience and support you in the choices which will affect the quality of every day ahead of you.

So what do you really want?

To see clearly, to move on, to discover, to make the most of what you have and where you are, to feel the power which is yours!