I am much clearer about my priorities and values ”

I joined FMMG at a time when I had suddenly less family pressure and was not sure of how to use this newly found freedom. I have a job that I enjoy immensely but where a routine had set in and I did not feel enough challenge. The FMMG was the opportunity to explore several options in a friendly, yet structured fashion. The group gives very rich and constructive feedback. Patricia makes sure we do not stray from our goals, teaching us along the way very powerful techniques. I learned a lot about myself. Today I am much clearer about my priorities and values and am very confident about the objectives I have picked. Last but not least, I made new friends in the process, with whom I continued meeting after the last session.

— Ariane Mansouri


“She was able to nutralise their fears & transform them into positive expectations. ”

At World Executives we have had the opportunity to work with Patricia for several years.  Our mandate is to prepare couples for their move to the United States.  Patricia has been successful at reassuring our clients as they elaborate plans for their new lives.  The coaching which Patricia has given has proven very useful, and when necessary, she was able to nutralise their fears and transform them into positive expectations. 

Maurice Contal

"Pat... helped me to see where I wanted to go."

After having been coached in a group of 3 with Pat, I felt I had the necessary tools and confidence to go ahead with my career plan. Since then, I am working in a new job and feel much happier with my life. Pat showed the necessary understanding and helped me to see where I wanted to go. I am truly grateful to her and recommend anyone to take up a coaching course with Pat.

—   Dr. Helen Beattie

"I was able to change my trajectory & discover many new things about myself."

I met with Patricia during a program for executives looking for career opportunities called AVARAP in Paris, France. As our mentor Patricia coached each one of us to find our 'essence' and to use it to seek the best possible professional path. Patricia gently but firmly guided the process of reflection, opening up new perspectives for each of us. I was able to change my trajectory and discovered many new things about myself.

I have recently reached out to Patricia again to help me adapt to my new professional and personal life as an expatriate in Brazil.  This was important to my success as I had vastly underestimated the complexity of the cultural parameters.

Thanks to Patricia I have been able to make my mark professionally and integrate into life in Brazil. To sum up my experience with Patricia: efficiency, objectivity, personal attention and humanity.

Again a huge thank-you Patricia!

—   Anne-Laure Bitaine